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Juice Counter is an organic, cold-pressed juice lab and tiny kitchen, specializing in raw food and juice cleanses, located in Bend, Oregon.

What is Cold Pressed?

What is cold pressed?

When you first start paying closer attention to your health it can all be a bit overwhelming, there is so much marketing around, buzz words about what to drink and eat and so much contradictory information, that a person can start to go a little bonkers just trying to pick out lunch.

We like it keep simple.  We like to keep it real.

When it comes to juice the magic happens when you combine  raw, organic, and cold pressed.

Cold pressing is a process used during juicing.  Cold pressing aka slow pressing aka “masticating” (we love to use that word)  is a process that separates the fiber from the cells of the produce, which hold all of the nutrients and live enzymes, without adding any heat - - hence the “cold press.”

Cold press is a way to differentiate what type of juicer/machine was used to make the juice.  A “masticating” juicer, retains more nutrients because the blades don’t break shred the cell walls of the veggies and fruits.  The pulp is retained, so the juice has more fiber and yes, even protein and stays delicious and nutrient dense longer because the cold press machine doesn’t expose the juice to air, speeding up the “oxidation” process.  

Cold pressing gives the juice super powers.  Ready to eat 10 kale salads for breakfast?   Didn’t think so, not only would your jaw need a brace afterwards but the fiber in your body would send your digestion into red alert.

Cold pressing allows large amounts of veggies to be consumed minus the fiber and chewing which  means that the juice is super packed with nutrients and vitamins that go straight to your dome and bloodstream  for that immediate jolt of feel-goodness in the form of energy.  This is nature’s energy drink folks.