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Juice Counter is an organic, cold-pressed juice lab and tiny kitchen, specializing in raw food and juice cleanses, located in Bend, Oregon.



Juice Counter was created with the intention of serving cold pressed juice and plant strong food FAST. 

Designed to help you gently and immediately detoxify and nourish your whole body while living the best version of yourself, Juice Counter cleanses reactivate your body’s self-regenerating systems and return you to balance and health. Our juices are both flavorful and nourishing, capturing the nutritional and healing properties of raw, organic plants.

100% Raw

We cold-press our juices from the locally sourced raw produce we hand select.  We promise we'll squeeze out every last drop of raw living and micro-nutrients so your Juice Counter bottle is full of potent fuel.

Local, Organic

Relationships are everything.  We know our local farmers and do our best to source as many of our ingredients within a 50 mile radius of our Bend juicery.  Our produce is organic because there is no sense dumping large amounts of pesticides into your bloodstream and intestines.  It just tastes better too.


We bottle our juices in beautiful glass containers to re-use after each order and use recycled cardboard carriers in keeping with our commitment to being a zero waster/zero plastic local business.  Our compost from juice produce gets recycled back to local farms to generate new crops of healthy produce we will put in our juices - a full life cycle.

  Life Span

Our juice is unpasteurized and non HPP.  Juice Counter juices are RAW products that must be refrigerated and kept cold at all times.  Using a cold pressed method keeps the nutrients and enzymes in stable for 3 to 5 days.  This way you receive all the amazing nutrients and enzymes that Mother Nature put into each piece of produce we use. 

Right There With You

Have questions about what to expect?  Want to share how it's going?  Need a custom cleanse designed just for you?  Our clients are our community and we're right there with you - before, during and after your cleanse.  There's nothing we love better than hearing how good you feel.  It makes us pure happy!