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1201 Northeast 2nd Street
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Juice Counter is an organic, cold-pressed juice lab and tiny kitchen, specializing in raw food and juice cleanses, located in Bend, Oregon.

Our Story

Juice Counter is Bend’s only local, organic and holistic juice cleanse. Designed to help you gently and immediately detoxify, Juice Counter cleanses reactivate your body’s self-regenerating systems and return you to balance and health. Our juices are both flavorful and nourishing, capturing the nutritional and healing properties of raw, organic plants.




Sometimes fate slams you perfectly together at the right moment. When it does, you just hope you’re paying attention enough to seize the opportunity. This is how Juice Counter began, with synchronicity and inspiration and just plain luck.  We’re so glad we had our eyes open!


As founders, we share the belief that good health is the basis for happiness. And that fresh, cold-pressed juice goes a long way to reminding you how amazing it feels to feel good.

We created Juice Counter because we understand what it’s like to battle cravings and exhaustion, to struggle with extra weight that won’t budge, and to live with constant aches and pains. We promise you that your mojo’s still there, that your body is wise and knows the way back.  We’re here to help you tune in and listen.



Phyllis Swindells

Passionate about juicing and healthy living,  Phyllis left a fast-­paced life in San Francisco to find a sweeter, more balanced life here in Bend. The move has been transformative and inspirational. As a certified health coach and yoga instructor, Phyllis loves helping her clients regain their health and get back to a sense of well-­being. The eternal optimist in the group, she always brings a sense of fun and light­heartedness just when everyone needs it most. When you come by the Counter, you’ll often find her up to her elbows in veggies making sure our juice is getting the love it deserves.



From documentary films to new ventures in health and wellness, Manya throws herself wholeheartedly into any project she undertakes. Watch out, ­ her passion for clean living and fresh, cold-­pressed juice can be contagious! Juicing and healthy micro-practices have been part of Manya’s personal mantra for years, whether mentoring clients as a holistic nutritionist or expanding her own fresh-­pressed juicery in New York City.  She knows what it feels like to struggle with addiction, sugar cravings, negative thoughts, and exhaustion. And she is committed to helping people tune into their inner body wisdom, transform their health and enjoy life more deeply. When she’s not busy dreaming up new juices recipes or working the press at the Counter, Manya is out in nature with her favorite adventure trio: son, husband, and rambunctious Australian Shepherd, Zeus.