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Juice Counter is an organic, cold-pressed juice lab and tiny kitchen, specializing in raw food and juice cleanses, located in Bend, Oregon.


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Eat Your Way to Vibrant Summer Hair

Allison James

Your hair is an integral part of your self-image and of the way you present yourself to the world. It also indicates the state of your body’s health, mind and emotions.

Are you on a quest for the perfect locks?

Our modern lifestyle certainly doesn’t help with all the daily blow-drying, aggressive towel drying, styling, coloring, conditioners and shampoos that coat, deplete, or strip can stress Your hair to its unhappy place. And now with summer here and  scorching sunlight, chlorinated swimming pools, and more frequent shampooing you hair will become dryer and more damaged.  

So how do you bring your dried out and tired hair back to life?  

Well, the problem is too many of us were taught through advertising and fashion mags that the solution is applying more topical chemical treatments, but that is like pouring water onto the leaves of a drought-stricken plant and ignoring the roots. 

They say what you put on the inside shows on the outside. According to the 5000 year old healing science of Ayurveda, healthier, more beautiful hair is as close as our dinner table.


What do we mean by that?

You can help mend your mane by eating nutrient-dense, wholesome, fresh food. You can even make your hair stronger by increasing circulation through regular exercise and getting your beauty sleep.  It’s incredible how healing a good night's rest can be.  It relieves  stress, detoxes your body, and keeps your hormones balanced. In short, if you want  healthy, glowing hair, you’ll have to nourish the roots from within, while wisely caring for the mop on top.

Want to have soft, silky and vibrant hair?

Healthy metabolism is key. Poor digestion shorts you of vital nutrients and creates ama, a gooey mix of undigested food and emotions, that slows your metabolism, clogs your energy channels, and leads to chronic health and beauty problems—including dull, lifeless, dry, splitting, and often thinning hair. Stoke your digestive fire by following these ayurvedic suggestions:

1. Chose warm food and drink over cold, iced or carbonated beverages.

2. Drink plain hot water with lemon throughout the day to cleanse and clear ama.

3. Eat plenty of high-protein foods every single day—ideally fresh, organic, and vegetarian options.

4. Avoid refined sugars, corn syrup, processed foods, leftovers, deep-fried foods, and “bad” fats.

5. Be sure to eat fresh + organic summer fruits and vegetables. 


Want shinier, healthier hair? We can help. Our menu is full of fast + fresh options your hair will love. See for yourself!