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Juice Counter is an organic, cold-pressed juice lab and tiny kitchen, specializing in raw food and juice cleanses, located in Bend, Oregon.


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5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy on a Camping Trip

Allison James

Does anything scream "summer is here" more than camping?

We are lucky in Bend because everyday can be an adventure. We live so close to the mountains that we can easily hop in our car after work and get going.

That also means more opportunity to eat camping food (can you say s'mores?).  Traditional camping food can be comforting in the short term, but packs on the pounds and leaves you feeling bloated, exhausted and foggy. The sodium and preservatives deplete you of energy which makes it tough to enjoy the activities that makes being in the outdoors so fun. 

We get it, it's convenient to stop at a gas station on your way out of town to grab something quick (i.e. junk food), but is convenience worth how it will make your feel?

Being healthy doesn't mean you have to choose between ease and taking care of your beautiful body. Try these tips for a happy + healthy trip. 

1. Bring smart snacks.

There's nothing like summer fruits and veggies. The season blesses us with light, delicious and hydrating produce. Make fast food out of real food. Bring a cooler full of ice and fill it with summer treats such as berries, melon, pineapple, peaches,  strawberries, celery, cucumber, farm fresh eggs, quinoa, hummus and organic local peanut butter. Pack it in hard containers so they don't mush. No mess and lots of deliciousness. (You can even freeze juice before you leave. It will stay cooler longer and can be used as an ice pack for other foods until it thaws.)

* Mason Jar Salad : Put all those yummy seasonal vegetable to good use. Put the dressing on the bottom and the leafy greens and fats such as avocado on top. Shake it all together when you're ready to eat and enjoy how you've sweetly simplified your day can be when you choose to nourish yourself no matter where you are.

2. Don't forget your sunscreen.

Nothing will ruin a camping trip like getting sunburned. Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Treat it with love.

3. Drink plenty of water. 

They say wine is nectar of the gods, but we say it's water. Be sure to drink water with every meal. Know where your water sources are and bring filtration if needed. You should drink 2-4 liters per day.

4. Be sure to stretch.

Camping usually coincides with hiking, boating and other awesome outdoor activities that can take a toll on your body (not to mention sleeping in a tent). Be sure to stretch. You'll increase blood circulation, energy and range of motions. Your body will thank you.

5. Take time to quiet your mind.

Listen to the birds chirp, watch the sunrise, thank the universe for the beauty that surrounds you. Calming your mind will reduce stress, make you happier and even slow down the aging process... who doesn't want that ;)


So are you ready? 


What's in your summer bag?

Here's what we're loving for the season (and remember to buy local to support our Bend community)!

Esperos bags from Forge Humanity

Before you put items in your bag, you'll need a bag!  We love these stylish bags by Esperos available at Forge Humanity. Not only do they look good, but proceeds support an entire year of education for a child in a developing country. How cool is that?

Pacific Superfood Snacks Kale Chips 

Organic, gluten free, vegan, raw and delicious. With unique flavors such as Rosemary Truffle and Cheese Pizza you won't have room in your bag for them all! 

Beauty Counter Protect Stick Sunscreen 

Summer weather is here, so don't forget your sunscreen! Tip: avoid aerosol sunscreens because inhaling the ingredients is harmful! Use the lotion or one of these really friggin' cool sunscreen sticks from Beautycounter. All safe ingredients, & works like a dream.

Hydro Flask

Does it get more Bend than Hydro Flask? Keeps your hots hot and your colds cold. Heading for a mountain bike ride or hike up Green Lakes Trail? Pour your ice cold Juice Counter juice in your hydro flask and it will still be cold when you get back! 



Need stuff for your pup?

Summer adventures are made better with your pup, don't you agree? Before you hit the road, be sure your four-legged friend has everything he needs. Locally owned Bend Pet Express is the place to go. You might even score one of these cute bandanas. 

Juice Counter Summer Fun

Don't forget the most important ingredient: JUICE.  Summer fun tastes just like summer in a bottle and will give your body the hydration it needs to endure these hot Central Oregon days. Watermelon and mint... need we say more?



Do you feel ready for summer? It's not too late to take advantage of our Summer Equinox Detox. Take 10% off your order using code "summercleanse01" Don't miss out!